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Welcome to CDE Animal Cages.  We hand make all of our enclosures with the hope of being able to meet any need a pet owner may have.  Whether you are a individual looking for a Catio, a rescue group looking for a bank of enclosures, an RV owner who would like to design a custom design so that your furry friends can accompany you on your travels, or a bird, puppy, bunny, or monkey (or anything else) owner, you have come to the right spot.  You can even listen to what our customers think.

Take a look around and explore all the many ways you can invest in the future of your animal.  We are so glad you are here.

The ORIGINAL Portal Between Units

Provide vertical or horizontal access between levels (with removable closures).  The Association of Shelter Veterinarian's Standards for humane animal sheltering suggests this feature is one of the most impactful ways to reduce euthenasia.  

You have the ability to allow access both VERTICALLY from the top level to the bottom, or HORIZONTIALLY between units, and both options can be closed securely with an Insert.

Provide your animal with separate areas for meals and bathroom, as well as an enriched environment with options for both the animal and the human providing care.


Two frame types (PVC plastic or anodized aluminum) and tons of options - we can make your dreams come true for your specific space.

Solids, Access Holes, Hamper Tops, Litter Guards, Additional name it, we can do it.

CDE quality enclosures are designed to last for decades, ensuring you only have to shop ONCE for enclosures.

*Please note that as of June of 2021 our production lead times for enclosures made with our anodized aluminum will be stretched due to material shortages. Please email info@cdecages for specific delivery expectations.