About Us

Handcrafted In The Heartland

CDE Animal Cages™ has been manufacturing quality pet enclosures since 1984. Family owned and operated in Omaha, Nebraska, we pride ourselves on our customer service. 

Because construction of our models does not begin until an order is placed, the building process offers a period of communication with customers, keeping them up to date and addressing any last minute questions. 

We aim to be remembered as friendly and helpful, so that no one hesitates before reaching back out to us for their animal care needs. 

Pictured above are owners Shawn and Sarah Dunsmore

Our Mission

By building with U.S.A. sourced and high quality materials, we are dedicated to providing enclosures with integrity to pet owners, wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians, animal shelters, and any other caretaker in need of a safe space for their animals. 

From Single-Units to Walk-Ins, the diversity of our selection ensures there is something for everyone and every animal. Not to mention, the customizable nature of our enclosures extends that diversity to the fluctuating dimension requirements of states and nations. 

We own our pipe mold for our frames and the mold for our ABS Plastic Floors. Each of our construction materials are engineered to work together to create a trustworthy product that will last for decades. 

You can learn more about our Frame Types, Wire Types, and more on the Home Page

Making Pawprints In The Industry

As a company, we find it essential to remain an active member in the animal care community outside of our shop by attending and sponsoring events. 

CDE has sponsored events such as the Online Kitten Conference and Portland Catio Tour, and is a contributor to the American Cat Fanciers Association. 

The Dunsmores at the 2023 Animal Care Expo

CDE is also a proud member of The American Federation of Aviculture and The Association of Zoos and Aquariums.