Selling Your CDE Animal Cage?

Perhaps, you find yourself not needing your CDE Animal Cage anymore. There’s not enough room at your shelter, an animal has unfortunately passed away, or whatever else it may be, we understand the reselling of our product is inevitable. In this blog post, you will find a quick guide on how to do it properly. 

Alright, let’s get started. 

If you do not keep record of your past purchases, we recommend scrolling through our website to find your model. This way you can find measurements and other verbiage. 

In our experience, it is essential to have a good product description. Since it’s our product, why not use ours?

A CDE Animal Cage is either constructed of PVC or Anodized Aluminum Pipe. You should know which you have on your hands based upon the model or color, but you may also learn more here

Our Wire Type differs, as we offer a variety of sizes. Standard would be 1” x 2” Galvanized Steel Wire, but there is an option to upgrade to 1” x 2” PVC Coated Electrostatically Bonded Galvanized Steel Wire. Our PVC coating is not powder. The black coating is fused to the galvanized wire– a process that is much different from powder coating– it is more durable and longer lasting.

You will next, of course, want to note any customizations. 

Does your cage have a Recessed Litter Pan Floor? An Access Hole? Trap Door

Be sure to list Option Add-Ons or Accessories as well. 

As for transport, your model will disassemble in the same way that you assembled it. No need to require a buyer to have a large enough vehicle for an assembled unit. Use the allen wrench that was sent to you with your order to take the panels apart and they will lie flat. 


Lose your allen wrench? You can purchase a new one here.

Psssst. To anyone who wants to be sure what they are selling (or what they have purchased through a second hand supplier) is, in fact, a CDE Animal Cage, here are some indicators:

1. A CDE Animal Cage includes wire that is riveted on the inside of the cage frame.


2. A CDE Animal Cage has hardware that is stainless steel.


3. The unit you are trying to resell is identical to a model on the official CDE website (unless enclosure is custom).

If you made it to the end of this article, we thank you for your initial purchase of a CDE Animal Cage and your desire to be well-informed on its reselling.

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  • Jill on

    These cages look great! Where can I find a used cage to purchase?

  • Cynthia Mae Jones on

    you need to offer financing! somehow some way. ??? any thoughts?

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