Dog Kennels, Cages, and Dens

We have single unit or multi-unit PVC plastic enclosures that are perfect for small dogs, as well as a full selection of walk-in kennels for larger breeds.  



Dog owners often appreciate:

  • High quality 1" square anodized aluminum or PVC plastic prevent rust or corrosion
  • 14 guage PVC-coated wire mesh provides ultimate protection 
  • All floors supported by custom aluminum bracing
  • Marine-grade stainless steel hardware prevents rust or corrosion
  • Extremely easy to assemble and disassemble and easy to attach to a cement slab or side of a house
  • Aesthetically pleasing for the humans that use them
  • A quality long-lasting investment for any dog lover

Quality is essential when considering an enclosure for your dog, and you often get what you pay for.  We invest in our product, produce quality items that work for you and your animal and stand behind our enclosures.  Invest in the future of your animal.