Why Choose Animal Enclosures From CDE?

It's a no brainer.

Each of CDE's models have been designed with an emphasis on structural integrity, durability over time, and functionality for caregivers and their animals. 

When making comparisons between enclosures, keep the following in mind about CDE:

  • We've got two frame type options-- a furniture grade PVC pipe or an Anodized Aluminum pipe. You can learn more about them here
  • Our wire is Galvanized Steel and will not rust! It comes in a variety of sizes and is available for a PVC electrostatically bonded coating upgrade (so durable, it's used for lobster traps). View Wire Types for more information. 
  • Also, our wire is riveted onto the inside of the frame panels so there are no wire edges exposed for little paws, fur, clothing, or skin to catch onto.
  • The fittings we use are color-matched to the pipe for a clean, uniform look.
  • We've got high density ABS Plastic Floors and shelves with an added acrylic coating so they always look shiny and clean easily.
  • There is steel bracing underneath floors for maximum support and stability.
  • The floors are securely attached to the frame so they cannot be displaced by animals in a unit below.
  • Our latches, bolts, etc. are marine-grade stainless steel hardware.
  • The spring-loaded safety latches are an easy open for you, but escape proof for your animal. Need more security? We got you with a few Lock Options
  • Our Casters are furniture grade and simple to install or remove as needed. We offer Casters with brakes as well.
  • The quality and engineering of our enclosures renders them extremely quiet. 
  • Assembly is super simple (no clamps necessary)!

We want what is best for you and your animal. If you don't see a standard model that suits your needs, our enclosures are customizable. Reach out to us with any questions because, one other thing that sets us apart from other companies, is our customer service and ability to be flexible with our designs.

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