Why Choose Animal Cages from CDE?

CDE's line of animal enclosures have been designed with an emphasis on quality and durability in materials, design and construction ~ for a look that is both aesthetically appealing and professional. There are a number of unique features to look for as you make comparisons among pet enclosures:
  • Simple bolt-together system (no clamps!) for a sleek, eye appealing design
  • Furniture-grade PVC pipe custom made especially to our specifications, including an ultraviolet protector to prevent the pipe from discoloring or becoming brittle over time ~ made to stand up to even the harshest of conditions or
  • Beautiful anodized aluminum frame for extra rigidity and protection
  • Fittings color-matched to the pipe for a striking, uniform look
  • PVC coated wire (not powder coated!) ~ so durable it's used for lobster traps!
  • Wire riveted onto the inside of the frame panels so there are no wire edges exposed for little paws, fur, clothing or skin to catch on
  • High-density ABS Plastic floors and shelves with an added acrylic coating so they always look shiny and clean easily
  • Steel bracing underneath floors for maximum support and stability
  • Floors securely attached to the frame so they cannot be displaced by animals in a section below
  • Marine-grade stainless steel hardware
  • Spring-loaded safety latches ~ easy-open for you but escape-proof!
  • Heavy-duty furniture-grade casters that are easily installed or removed
  • All this makes for a very quiet cage.

An exceptional enclosure, backed by a company manufacturing quality pet enclosures since 1986.

Quality is essential when considering an enclosure, and you often get what you pay for.  We invest in our product, produce quality items that work for you and your animal and stand behind our enclosures.  Invest in the future of your animal.  

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