Collapsible Travel and Show Cages

Travel, show, and/or table-top use

These cages have been specifically designed with hinged panels and minimum bolt construction for quick and simple assembly and disassembly.  They collapse to fold flat for easy transport and convenient storage.

Standard with Handle and sturdy nylon web Carrying Strap for easy transport.

CDE Cages standard construction:

  • 1” square furniture-grade PVC frame
  • 14 gauge 1” x 2” black PVC coated Galvanized Steel Wire (USA manufactured wire)
  • Stainless steel marine-grade hinges
  • Stainless steel spring-loaded safety latches
  • Stainless steel bolts
  • Wire riveted to the inside of the frame
  • Casters

Alternate construction available: 1” square Anodized Aluminum Frame, uncoated 14 gauge 1” x 2” Galvanized Steel Wire (USA manufactured wire), alternate wire openings (1” x 1” and 1” x ½” | coated and uncoated).