Customers Speak

Shannan (2024) 
"Good evening CDE Team,
I wanted to share pics of my new enclosure finished. I also wanted to share with you the great news that I have passed my inspection from FWC! Thank you all for helping me on my new adventure. I would not be at this point without the CDE Team. I really appreciate your hard work and dedication."
Christina (2024)
"Our CDE cage provides us with a safe space for our feral moms to care for their babies. We were so lucky to be able to get this set up for our small rescue in VT."
Nathan (2024) 
We ordered custom cages from you last year and they are perfect. We ended up taking in 8 raccoons during the summer last year expecting more this year since we are now working with the Minnesota DNR. Because of that, we would like to expand the outdoor enclosure."
Lori (2023) 

"Hi there. This is a thank you note :)

I bought a cage in 1999 soon after getting certified as vet tech. At the clinic we placed more than 40 cats and kittens and a few puppies in 3 years, a rescue group of 2.

My adorable cat Howard's life was literally saved by using it while I tried All the meds. If there was a relapse, hanging out inside during unsupervised time worked magic.

This one cage has been a temporary home to dozens of animals who needed socializing, a time out, a boring vacation, to meet their people or have their last litter of kittens in safety.

It's been loaned out and in storage for a while. Someone offered me twice what I paid. Unfortunately the assembly instructions are lost & it is showing some wear and tear but it's sturdy and functional.

The movers at both houses asked "what the heck is this?" when we moved to rural-ish Georgia 3 weeks ago. On monday, a shy or feral mama appeared!

Send successful trapping vibes please, she's a smart cookie."

Loree, Lyons, Colorado (2022)
"I have a 6ft x 8ft aviary from and I LOVE it! You can customize it if you want (I added litter guards on the bottom to keep the mess inside & revolving feeding stations) and it's super easy to assemble. We've moved it 3 times since we got it and it breaks down/reassembles SO much more quickly than my other powder coated heavy aviary. Plus the people are super friendly and customer service can't be beat."
Kelly, Roanoke, Texas (2022)
"My newest kitten has free reign of my 4000 square foot house, yet his favorite spot is in my new CDE cage! The door is always open so he can come and go but he just loves it in there! Thanks so much."
Carol, Randolph, MA (2022)
"The quality is awesome, I love it and my cats do as well.
I will highly recommend your company to my family and friends looking for pet containment.
Thank you again for your help."
Michelle, Elk Park, NC (2022)
"The cages are working wonderfully and our kitties are loving their new environment!
Thanks again for the great work!"
Lawrence, Green Brook, NJ (2022)
"Hi Sarah,
Received the cage this morning and I took no time to assemble it. The assembly was a breeze and I did almost all by myself except for the top part I needed someone to hold. Everything came out beautifully and I love it...Thanks again for all your help and the quality cage you produced!"
A.S., Maryland (2021)
"Dear Sarah,
Thank you very much for everything.
Last week, we put together the cage. We could assemble it easily, and the cage is stable. We really love the cage. My cats were cautious at first and took a few days to get into the cage, but once they got into it, they fell in love with the space. Now if we close the door for some reason such as weather, they get angry. Anyway, we all are happy with the cage.  Thank you very much again."
Loree, Colorado (2021)
"...thanks for being so professional about making this right [referring to a panel that was damaged in shipping transit and was replaced by CDE]. I've dealt with other companies in the past that simply shrug and say 'too bad!', so it's refreshing to work with someone who cares about their customer service."
Julie, Minnesota (2021)
"Just wanted to let you know that my latest cat enclosure is working out excellent.  Thank you for the speedy replacement panels." 
Willard, Texas (2021)
"You have been very helpful and great to work with!  Thank you for providing excellent customer service."
Judith, Canada (2021)
"She's a beauty!  Professional, custom built birthing unit made in the USA by CDE in Nebraska.  I highly recommend CDE Cages in Nebraska.  They have been phenomenal to deal with!"
Sandy, Ruckersville, VA (2021)
"Good Morning Sarah,
We have gotten all the new cages put together, and we love them. And, the cats love them. They really have changed the look and feel of the shelter, and we are all very, very happy.
I will be in touch with you soon about ordering a few more cages."
Beverly, Clinton, WA (2021)
"We wanted to tell you how much we love, and our cats love, their new night time condo. They love it so much that they get in it during the day!
It is so well built, with quality materials and great engineering! Easy to put together!"
Angie Conroy - (2021)
"I also can attest to the quality of these this is mine soon to be 4 years old used every day 365 days & still as good as ever thanks for a fantastic product xxx"
Annette Wilson - (2021)
"I can attest to the quality and longevity of the products. Mine look as good today as they did when I took delivery about 14 years ago. Love the ease of taking them apart to clean."
John, Three Forks, MT - (2021)
"Hello Sarah,
Hope this finds you and yours well.
Just a note to tell you that I received the aviary and that it exceeds my greatest expectations. Beautiful work, perfectly matching my plans. I really appreciate the attention to detail. 
Thanks again to your and your CDE team."
Peter - Handyman, Contractor - (2020)
"Congratulations on a beautiful job.  Love the workmanship.  Love the look...the enclosure is so light weight and simple and easy to construct.  My client is over the moon."
Laura Stastny - Executive Director Nebraska Wildlife Rehab, Inc. - (2020)
"If I was a poet, I would write sonnets for this cage! WE LOVE IT! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
He [a small bobcat with a broken leg] likes it too, although sometimes he gets locked on one side because he's having too much fun and the surgeon wants him to chill out.
I truly appreciate you going out of your way to deliver AND go above and beyond to make it all fit!"
John Robinson (2020)
"We run a rescue organization for marmosets and tamarins. We originally went to CDE Cages to see if they could help us. The prefab black steel cages from China rust and were horrible to clean. Parrot cages didn't have the height or configuration. Custom cages from other companies were about the price of a new car. Nothing worked perfectly.

Shawn and Sarah were excited to help. They worked with us on design and went through plan after plan until it was perfect. Even after the first generation was built, and we realized something needed to be modified, they were there to help. In fact, their UV light holder was originally designed for this project and is such a life saver, we couldn't be more grateful.

The cages are amazing. Well over a year of use and they still look new. Cleaning is easy and they meet the needs of our monkeys 100%. Plus, not having to replace those mass merchandise cages from China has actually saved us money. The cages paid for themselves by eliminating planned replacements!

Do yourselves a favor... Stop looking and purchase a cage you see, or email Sarah and Shawn. They can help and you will love what they do. More importantly so will your animals! A safe space they will LOVE!"

Tom Eckery (2020) 

"I've been wanting to redo the dog room for about a year now, but I couldn't find a good source for custom built cages. I finally found a company after months of internet searching. CDE Animal Cages and it's in Omaha, Nebraska! WOW! BONUS!

I visited their shop in January, designed the cages, placed an order, and received my completed cage to try out and make sure it worked well before making the other cages. This cage can be free standing or stacked if needed!

These will keep my Huas safe while at work or during the night! Large lounge area and room for their litter box/potty pad if needed.

I couldn't be happier with CDE Animal Cages! They can do anything you want and are super easy to work with! I highly recommend them! Chihuahua approved! 🐾❤️🐾 Contact Shawn or Sarah at CDE Animal Cages for more information!"

Ed Kinsch - Executive Director of Rescue Ranch - (2020) 
This is outstanding, thank you very much.
In my previous life in the corporate world I was very much involved in customer service and ran a CS department for many years. I have to say that your service is second to none. From start to finish it was an absolute pleasure working with you. 
When we need additional enclosures I will recommend no one else but CDE Cages.
Thank you, please stay safe and have a fantastic weekend."

Cindy Randall [Randall's Rescue with an adoption cage in PetSmart] (2019)  "We love it! The recessed pans are such a nice option to have... it’s great for the babies they love it and have lots of space.  I built most of it solo so that was easy. Very well built , shipped great , arrived in perfect condition! I have named her Taj! She’s the taj majal of cages ! I don’t feel bad keeping them in there beause it’s so spacious! The two kittens love it and have a blast 😊."

Mechelle Crosby (2018) 

"Sturdy, easy to assemble, easy to clean, will last forever."

Phyllis Allen (2018)

"We absolutely love ours! We have a cat shelter out here in Texas. We have had ours ( we have two of the large enclosures and one of the multi level/dividable ones). One of our large ones required custom specifications and it fit perfectly. I would 100% recommend these to anyone!"

Lynn (2018)

"I bought Model s505 with a Recessed Litter Pan, Coop Cup and 4 Spray Shields on...are you ready?!?!...April 18, 1995!!  As much as I would love to buy one of your new, sleeker units, my old model is just as good today as it was 23 years ago!  Thank you for the excellent product!"

Duane (2018)

"The typical scenario for me is nothing is ever simple, easy, or quick.  You were a delightful exception.  As to competition, you have no worries.  Sam (the owner's dog) loves her cage and she sleeps in there even with the door open.  Thank you!"

Damian (2018)

"You guys did an exceptional job, and that is putting it mildly.  These are beautiful cages, and I can see all of the effort and love that you put into them.  Thank you ever so much and I am very happy with the final product and service....exceptional."

Friends of the Fairfax Co. Animal Shelter (2018)

"We are thrilled to be working with you all.  Everyone at the shelter loves the cages we have bought in the past...they have worked out very well."

Amanda Akers (2018)

“The two smaller cages are AMAZING!!!!! We put them together and the birds are loving them! The craftsmanship is wonderful, I'm so happy with the results.”

Krista Schmitt (2018)

“I can’t say enough how happy I am with both the product, and the customer service experience using CDE!”

Marc Palmer (2018)

“WOW!  That’s awesome you are ready to ship! This was quite a shock, considering the quick turn-around, and this is more than I could have hoped for. You and your team are gold. Thank you so very much for getting this out sooner, as it will make things much easier for me regarding setting everything up.

I’ll wait eagerly for news on shipping dates!

Thank you so much Sarah. It’s been a pleasure ordering from you and I will spread the word around about CDE Cages. I may very well purchase an exact clone of this one soon, so keep my specs handy.”

Kevin Coe (2018)

“I’ve looked at so many websites over the past few weeks and they are all either cheaply made and very expensive or look like good quality but you would have to be a zoo to afford them! LOL!  Yours are the winning combination! Thanks so much for the quick response!”

Angie Conroy (2018)

“I love your product I can now go out knowing my cats are safe. Great workmanship...worth every penny.  My cats always seem to be in there - I'm thinking they feel safe they are free to come & go as they please. I would certainly recommend CDE animal cages.”

TJ Stevens (2018)

“Only company I'd buy from. Quality PLUS!!! They've done all our cages and our outside enclosures at the Southwick Animal Shelter.”

Karen Phelps-Hays (2018)

“LOVE!!!! my kitty “condo”. I have several rescues and one with FIV ...”broken” feral and it’s her condo! I wasn’t going to let her die a horrible death outside. I already have an alpha female and won’t take the chance of others getting infected so kitty condo! We all love it! It also came It also came in handy when protecting the others for a hurricane!”

Lesley Hodge, Loveland Ohio (2017) 

“I can't believe it was back in March that I ordered the Double Cage for my cats.  The cage went together beautifully!! The cats seem to be happy in it and the best thing is we have solved the spraying/peeing problem of one of our animals rather than having to put him down.  By the way the spray shields are wonderful! I am so glad I ordered them. You are so easy to deal with - thank you so much!”

Heather Jensen - University of Nebraska Omaha (2017) -”We placed a very large order of splash guards in 2016, and they are working out great. We had them custom made to our specifications. The company was great to deal with, and very good at communicating. I would recommend their splash guards.”

Rachel Zimmer (2017)

“It's so easy with you guys...your cages and staff I've worked with are so great!”

Lisa Pajot (2017) 

“Thank you very much, Sarah and crew! You've been so kind and helpful with getting this enclosure up here to Alaska. I greatly appreciate all your efforts!”

Brett Frazier (Executive Director Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin) 2017

“You’re the best!!!!”

Vivian Barna (2017)

“I got my cages on Friday, and just wanted you to know they are beautiful!  They are so easy to assemble...they went up in no time. Thank you so much. I love these cages!”

Nicole Bradley, Sequoia Humane Society (2017)

“Your cages hold up so well, we are very pleased with the quality of your products. We are applying for a grant to revamp the cat room which initially was revamped in 2005 but we have room for one more condo and you guys were are first thought!  Thanks so much for everything!”

Megan Kelly - Central Carlolina Community College Veterinary Medical Technology (2017) 

“Thank you Sarah!  It has been wonderful to work with you!”

Erin Moore (2016)

“What an excellent company to work with! The customer service when I called to place my order was fantastic and you could definitely tell it was very family oriented and they enjoyed making sure that what you were ordering was perfect for your needs. We had built an enclosure for our special needs cat many years ago but its falling apart and certainly showing the years of not being able to really get a good clean on it. Did a little google searching and came up with this website and I'm so happy that I found them. We got the enclosure put together today and with a few modifications for his needs, we'll get him moved in this evening. Its a bit smaller than what he's had, but I think the design and the modifications that we'll be able to do with it will make it a much better option for us and for him in the long run! I would certainly recommend anyone with specific enclosure needs to come have a look through their designs!”

Kira Marie Hays (2016)

“This company made my mom's mission of getting our feral Bebe a new home so that she'd be safe inside and have more than just two dog crates to call home. It's easy to put together and is perfect for our sweet little girl. Thank you so much!”

Cheryl Costello (2016)

“Love these cages. I've used them for appx 15 yrs. They look as good as new after all these years. I've told my friends that this cage is the best investment I've ever made.”

Karen Phelps-Hays (2016)

“I'm not sure where to start. THE PEOPLE ARE AMAZING!!!!!! I emailed one day, ordered the that day and asked if it wasn't too much to ask if my order could be delivered on a Friday. The guys in the shop heard about Bebe's story...STAYED LATER and shipped out my cage THAT DAY!!!!!! A couple of "bumps" in the road with the freight company.....NONE of CD&E problems...HOWEVER, upon reading an email WHILE AT HOME! I got a phone call BEFORE OFFICE HOURS.....helping me out!! This company goes ABOVE AND BEYOND! They are AMAZING. A true example of what customer service REALLY IS! and their love for animals and to help....EXCELLENT!!!!!”

Alice Hess Graham (2013)

“I love these cages, it makes caring for my kittens so much easier. Fast clean up so I have more time to enjoy their play time. Thank you”