Worldwide Shipping Information



It is a mission of CDE to see our product arrive safely at your doorstep. Shipping is a ‘through-cost’ that CDE makes no profit off of. As a result, we seek to select the most affordable and reliable mode of transportation available to be booked for your order. 


Note: Your order will be packaged unassembled in flat boxes. For assembly instructions, click here

When your order arrives, it is your responsibility to examine the boxes or pallet of boxes BEFORE signing your shipping receipt. 

What is a shipping receipt? A shipping receipt is the document a freight driver will present you with at the time of delivery. This receipt is a legal document used for billing and any damage claims. It acts as a log that SHOULD correctly display the services provided and the direct course of action. Failure to analyze a shipping receipt may result in fees. 

If you have even a slight suspicion that damage has occurred, ask the driver to wait while you open the box(es) for closer inspection. If the driver refuses, be sure to mark your reasoning for concern on the shipping receipt. More on concealed damage below. 

Your signature on the freight delivery receipt confirms items are in perfect condition unless otherwise noted on the form, as well as provides authorization of your financial responsibility for any additional services that are indicated on the form.

UPON DELIVERY, you must check for the following:

  1. Box Count - CDE will notify you as your shipment departs regarding how many boxes you should be expecting. The boxes are marked “1 of 3,” “2 of 3,” etc. Make sure the number of boxes in your notification, on your doorstep, and listed on the delivery slip all match one another. **If you are missing a box, it MUST be noted on the receipt before you sign for it. A missing box that is not noted on the signed delivery receipt will not be eligible for replacement without cost.**
  2. Visible Damage - Be thorough in identifying visible damage. Any holes, gashes, or open boxes present at time of delivery need to be noted on the shipping receipt. 

Any damage is required to be photographed and reported to CDE within 24 hours

Email photos to

Concealed damage can occur. It is the sole responsibility of the recipient to notice and report damage on the delivery receipt before providing a signature to ensure qualification for replacement.


What is a Liftgate Service?

A liftgate is an automated descending platform used to unload freight. The cost of this charge is $150 and is required for Residential Deliveries. Businesses with loading docks have the option for a Liftgate Refusal. Businesses who arrange a Liftgate Refusal but sign a shipping receipt with Liftgate checked will be held responsible for the service charge of $150.

What is a Limited Access Fee?

A limited access fee is an additional charge placed on deliveries that freight companies deem difficult to carry out. Each case is circumstantial, but location and availability will impact whether or not your address is considered limited access. **Pickup is available at the local freight terminal, so please contact us for more information to avoid this fee.**


Small packages (anything that does not ship freight) will be sent through USPS or UPS. For either, you will receive tracking information. Send photos to report damaged or missing packages within 24 hours of delivery. 

Email photos to