Shipping Information

- We ship worldwide - 


When your order arrives it is your responsibility to examine the boxes or pallet of boxes BEFORE you sign for it.

You must check for 2 things:

  1. Visible Damage -  Inspect the entire shipment and look for any visible damage, any holes punched in boxes, or any open boxes. All this damage needs to be noted on the DELIVERY SLIP you will be asked to sign-- make sure everything is noted on both your copy and the freight company’s copy BEFORE you sign.

If the order has excessive damage (ie. the box looks like it has been dropped or run over and brakes are evident in the frame of the enclosure) the order should be refused.  You have the ability to refuse 1 box in a shipment of multiple boxes, as long as the damage is excessive, or all boxes in the load if that they are all super damaged.

  1. Box Count - Make sure all the boxes you are signing for are there. Look at the DELIVERY SLIP the driver will ask you to sign and see first of all how many BOXES you are signing for (the number of boxes is also on your the shipping email you received) and make sure that is what are signing for.   If you are missing a box,  it MUST be noted on the slip BEFORE you sign (make sure it is on both your copy and the driver’s copy).  A missing box that is not noted on the signed DELIVERY SLIP will not be eligible for a replacement without cost.

Failure to perform this inspection and a SIGNED DELIVERY SLIP with no damage or missing boxes noted will leave you financially responsible for any damaged or missing items. 

CDE Animal Cages is not responsible for any missing product or damaged product that might occur during freight transit and will be unable to provide a replacement, repair or refund on anything that is not clearly noted on the DELIVERY SLIP.


Concealed damage is significant damage to a product that was undetectable from a thorough inspection of the boxes when they were delivered.  This happens less frequently, but does occur and you need to be aware of your options in this particular situation.  Please note that minor scrapes and scratches are inevitable when transporting across the country, and concealed damage that is not structural or problematic to the integrity of the enclosure will not be considered for replacement or repair by CDE Animal Cages without additional cost. 

Concealed damage must be reported to CDE Animal Cages within 24 hours of delivery via email to, no exceptions, to be able to get any replacement or repair.  Please unbox and thoroughly inspect each panel, floor, shelf and hardware to make sure that none of the product has damage within the first 24 hours of signing the DELIVERY SLIP from the freight company.  If concealed damage has indeed occurred, please photograph the damage and send photos and a description of the the damage to within that 24 hour period.  Please note that you must refrain from using the damaged product so that a claim can be filed, and you will need to hold onto the unused damaged piece until the freight company can send an inspector to file a formal inspection.