CDE Animal Cages™ aims to connect shelters and rescue groups with enclosures that are designed with the goal of comfort and security for healthy animals and ease of use for the humans that take care of them. Open air enclosures with various portalized options have proved not only to reduce euthanasia rates, but make for more adoptions and healthier and happier animals. We want to let as many rescues and shelters know about these benefits as we can, in hopes that we can play a small part in the great work that is being done in the animal rescue community.

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CDE Animal Cages™ address multiple areas of need in the containment of small animals:

  • Vertical Dividers (solid or wire) expand or reduce areas of containment
  • High quality 1" square anodized aluminum or PVC plastic prevent rust or corrosion
  • PVC-coated wire mesh provides ultimate protection 
  • High density ABS plastic with acrylic finish for floors, shelving, solids
  • Rolling casters (with brakes) and a lightweight frame provide easy cleaning/transport or elevate any design with a stand
  • All floors supported by custom aluminum bracing
  • Very quiet for sensitive residents
  • Extremely easy to assemble and disassemble (for periodic heavy cleaning)
  • Aesthetically pleasing for the humans that use them
  • A quality long-lasting investment to any organization

Quality is essential when considering enclosures for the residents with whom you work, and you often get what you pay for.  We invest in our product, produce quality items that work for you and the animals you serve and we proudly stand behind our enclosures.  Invest in the future of your work with animals.  


I have been involved in animal welfare for almost 50 years. My main focus for many of those years was to increase adoptions, which anyone that knows me knows I’m very successful at. For the past 20 years I have used CDE Animal Cages™ and I have suggested to many other organizations to do the same. These types of cages are affordable and easy to sanitize. They are mobile so you can fit more in when your feline inventory goes up, and easy to remove when you have been successful in adoptions and don’t want your facility to look bare. One of the most important salient features of these types of cages is that you can see the pet in its entirety, not looking like it’s inside of a box. Because of their design they allow natural light to be shown on our pets and I strongly recommend them to those facilities that have many felines to display for adoption. I am always available if someone wants to speak to me about them, but I have had great success with them. 
Yours for a more humane world,
Mike Arms
President, The Helen Woodward Animal Center and pioneer in the animal welfare industry


 We are revolutionizing the way you are able to display your adoptable cats in pet supply stores around the globe.  Want a positive experience for both the potential adopter and the cat looking for a home?  Give us a call and let us change the experience!