Everyone who uses a cage to help care for an animal is faced with a decision on what to use for cleaning that space.  The goal, of course, is to use a product with the highest disinfecting potential, while still being safe for the animals who use the surfaces as their home.

Many animal care professionals turn to accelerated hydrogen peroxide (AHP) as a solution for disinfecting enclosures while keeping pets safe.  In fact, Dr. Cynthia Karsten (Resident at the Koret Shelter Medicine Program with the Center for Companion Animal Health at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine) suggests that shelters (and any animal care facility) use AHP as the primary product (instead of bleach) for the effective cleaning of enclosures, dishes, litterboxes, and even laundry.  She explains that AHP is a cost effective alternative to bleach and other abrasive and often harmful cleaners. Link to Dr Karsten's suggestions here.  

If AHP is safe and effective for the animals, the question remains: what will AHP do to the integrity of the enclosure?!!?!?  After all, the incompatibility of a cleaner with a given surface isn't always apparent right away and can sometimes only be recognized once the damage has been done.

CDE Animal Cages™ has researched the use of AHP with each component of our enclosures, and have some good news to report.  We consulted with Virox (a manufacturer of AHP) and have found that all of our materials are compatible with AHP, meaning the integrity of the material will not be compromised with the use of this disinfectant.  The list of materials and the compatibility with AHP can all be found here.

What does that mean for you, as the animal care provider?  Well, if you already own a CDE Animal Cage, it means you can rest easy knowing you are providing a clean, healthy and sterile environment for the animal you are helping.  An environment that is designed to last and to keep it's integrity and quality.  If you haven't yet looked into getting a CDE Animal Cage, this is your sign from the Universe that this investment is one that is worth it for the long game.

Invest in quality materials.  Invest in your purpose.  Invest in your time.  

Invest in the future of your animals.  Invest in CDE Animal Cages™.  

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