WOOD you put a wood floor in your bathroom?!?

Let's discuss something everyone can relate to, but no one REALLY wants to talk about...the bathroom.  If you look at your bathroom at home, at the office, or really in any public space - are there wood floors in there?  What about wood walls?  Wood toilet?  

The answer, of course, is NO!  Of course not!  Wood isn't typically the material chosen for the bathroom simply because of the tasks at hand in that space.  Moisture and wood do not play well together.  Mold, odor, and decay are all inevitable consequences of getting wood wet, which can lead to a domino effect of health concerns...especially when it comes to animals.

Why in the world, I ask you, would you ever create an animal enclosure (given that animals usually have a worse track record than humans with controlling when and where moisture exposure happens in the bathroom) out of WOOD?  The answer should almost always be NEVER!  

CDE Animal Cages™ uses only the highest quality of material when constructing enclosures, and never uses wood in our construction.  We offer a furniture-grade PVC plastic or anodized aluminum for our frames, and use wire or solid plastic sides to secure the walls of the enclosure.  These materials lend themselves to sanitary conditions, easy clean-up and longevity for the animals that use them. 


All of our enclosures are easily disassembled by panel for spot clean up, or easily completely broken down for an overall power-wash of the entire unit (no matter how big or how many levels).  All you need to assemble/disassemble is sent with your enclosure (a small Allen Wrench and bolts) so it is always possible and always simple.

If you want to avoid the cycle of re-ordering enclosures that have broken down from exposure, do your homework and do it right the first time and order only once.  

Invest in the future of your animals with CDE Animal Cages.

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