Interview with Pam Miller | Safe Haven for Cats

Thirty years ago in Raleigh, North Carolina, Pam Miller began Safe Haven for Cats in a two-car garage. At the time, there were only a few shelters in the area. They had barely any space for cats, wedging them in the back, and euthanizing them after only six months of containment. Safe Haven was the first no-kill shelter in the triangle. Out of that garage, 385 cats were adopted, and when enough money was raised around 1999, the organization bought their first building. 

Safe Haven quickly became a novelty in the community. “People had a place to come share in the joy of adoption,” Miller stated. The next step, she knew, was replacing the “decrepit” enclosures they had been using. When asked how she heard about CDE Animal Cages™, she described her relationship with the company as a chance meeting. Visiting a shelter nowhere near Raleigh, she encountered her first CDE Animal Cage. She is now one of the company’s most loyal customers. Currently, Safe Haven for Cats uses solely CDE caging. 


Miller testified, “They have been very good cages for our shelter.” She has had some of them for upwards of seventeen years. “We have never been sorry for a second in the money we invested,” she continued. “The way they have held up is incredible.” To provide a durable and sustainable product that will aid in the goal of Safe Haven to save as many cats as possible, is an honor for CDE. 



Reflecting on the progression of Safe Haven, Miller was immediately grateful, acknowledging the thousands of people that have helped the shelter out. Miller used luck to describe her experience in cat-care. She was being incredibly humble. Like the execution of most goals, the bringing to fruition of Safe Haven for Cats was only part luck. 

The success of the shelter is significantly due to the dedication and true passion that stemmed from one woman’s desire to decrease the euthanization numbers in America. She began in her own community and the shelter continues to make an impact daily. There is a lesson to be learned from Pam Miller. Thank you, Pam. Thank you Safe Haven for Cats. We are truly appreciative to share in your journey. 


Visit the Safe Haven for Cats website for more information. 


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